Recently missing: Brittney McCormack

Each Friday, this will be updated with a mini deep dive into a recent missing person’s case that is not getting the media it deserves.

Brittney McCormack age 27 of Hanover, Massachusetts 

Not every missing person’s story had a mysterious story surrounding it that entices readers and media. Oftentimes, it is just the case that one day the family can no longer reach the person.

This is the case with Brittney Mc Cormack. The 27-year-old was reported missing in early September after her family had not been able to contact her for more than 6 weeks. She was last seen in July of 2021. She was reported to last be wearing a t-shirt, shorts, sandals and a green Army jacket.

Brittney is described as a 5′ 3″ tall woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. She has changed her hair color frequently, with it being red, blonde and brown in the past. She also reportedly has several tattoos including: a peace sign tattoo on her lower back, the word Dream in script on the inside of her wrist and a red heart that trails off on the back of her neck . Her ears and nose are pierced.

She is known to visit the Brockton, Abington, Hull, and Rockland areas.

The Hanover Police Department is working with the Massachusetts State Police High-Risk Victims Unit to locate her. Anyone with any information can call Detective Steve Moar at 781-826-2335. 

A childhood friend describes her as a sweetheart. 

According to Facebook, this is not the first time she has been reported missing. In 2018, a report was filed, however she was quickly located .

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