Missing 43: Theories on Wesley Dale Morgan

Before reading this, make sure to read the story of Wesley Dale Morgan. 

There are many theories on what happened to Wesley Dale Morgan. Below, I will discuss a few.

1) Illegal adoption.  

This is the internet’s top theory. Alleged family as well as some locals have said that this is what they believed happened.  It explains how Wesley could have seemly vanished so quickly. Many people find it difficult to believe that a barely two-year-old would be able to cover enough ground in a few minutes that searchers would not be able to find him. Yes, there were many dangers in the areas, such as ponds which he could have fallen into, drowning quickly. However, nothing was recovered after an extensive search of the area. Heat seeking helicopters and cadaver dogs were not able to find anything either. 

Additionally, Havard’s arrest in 2008, for another potential illegal adoption shows a pattern to some. Of course, charges were eventually dropped, but, at the very least, it is bad optics to be arrested for something you were suspected of doing in 2001.  

This theory provides hope for Wesley. If there was an illegal adoption, then hopefully Wesley found himself in the hands of a loving family who provided for his every need. However, even if this is true, he deserves to know the truth.  

Sadly, I wonder if age and socioeconomic situations influence people to gravitate towards illegal adoption. It’s hard to know how someone would react in this situation, losing a child. Simply put there is no correct way a mother should grieve. Yet, police and locals thought that Ruby should have been and should continue to be more involved. That lack of involvement could hint at guilt: she is not looking because she knows exactly where he is. But it could also be that she was extremely young, from a disadvantaged background and simply did not have the means or skills to participate more fully. Focusing on only illegal adoption as the solution is a disservice to Wesley. We need to consider and investigate all feasible options. 

2) Murder or accident in the home 

Hilton has a checkered past. We know that he had one restraining order against him, from a previous girlfriend and mother to his child. We know that he was arrested for the attempted murder of a man that occurred in 1998 though charges were later reduced, and he pleaded no contest. This past would suggest at least some propensity towards violence. With that it is not a complete leap to see where something could have happened to Wesley in the house and either Havard or Hilton or both worked to cover it up.  

The biggest hinderance in this theory, besides no concrete evidence, is the matter of the cadaver dogs. Though articles do not specify where the dogs searched, I would hope they would have been taken to and through the house. If that were the case, wouldn’t the dogs have picked up the scent of a dead body once being there? 

For either theory one or two to be true, we must believe that the story of Wesley playing outside was fabricated and that someone planted the puppy on the other side of the road or it luckily wondered there. The latter seems unlikely and I personally wonder if anyone involved in this story was sophisticated enough to think ahead to plant that kind of small detail. 

3) Stranger abduction  

Stranger abduction is rare, really rare. From 2010 to 2019, around 300 children were abducted by someone unknown to the family. However, this is a possibility if the story of Wesley being alone for only a few minutes and disappearing with no trace truly occurred. This theory would explain why there is no evidence of Wesley in the surrounding areas as well as why a puppy was found on the other side of the road. As he was only two, a stranger could have easily pulled up, grabbed him without much of a struggle and sped off in seconds.  

However, Wesley’s mom says that she did not hear any cars coming while she was inside. For her to mention that, leads me to believe that she would have been able to hear if the car was coming. Remember, their house was right off the highway. Was there some way she could not have heard the car? If she was in longer than what she believed or there was some type of background noise such as music, she could have simply missed the noise. 

4) Death due to nature  

Woods can be difficult to find bodies in, even when heavily searched. This is compounded when there are other hazards present. In the first few days, they searched not only a close by pond but also a sewage system. This hints to the many dangers just feet from the house including a multitude of gravel pits. Anyone of these could have sadly led to the death of Wesley. Bolstering this, historically many people have gotten lost in the woods, only to have their bodies found accidentally by an errant hiker or hunter years later. So while it seems unlikely that his body would have been overlooked in a massive search, it’s not without precedent. 

This theory is unpopular for several reasons. Behaviorally, most wondering children tend to be found close to their house. And even though there are dangers present, it was only a few minutes that he was gone before his mother noticed. However, witnesses can be bad with time as well, either by accident or intentionally. If, Havard was incorrect about the time that Welsey was outside, then I think this theory would be possible.  

5. Death by Car 

I only consider this theory because of the proximity of Wesley’s house to the road. In this theory, a driver hit Welsey, perhaps by accident, after the young boy went out into the road. Wesley may have been running after a stray puppy and didn’t notice the traffic. Then, to cover their tracks, the driver took the boy’s body and disposed of it elsewhere.  

This theory would explain why Wesley disappearance with no evidence in such a short period of time. However, if Havard is telling the truth that she could hear a car passing, surely, she would hear a crash. Additionally, I would think there be some trace of an accident such as blood or bits of metal. With that in mind, I think this scenario is the least likely.  

What can you do to help? 

1) Share his story.  

This story did not get the attention it deserves. Share articles, podcast or anything else you can find that will help others learn more about the case.  

There is simply not much of a presence about his case on any social media platform. Wesley deserves people to advocate for him. You can be that person.  

Someone knows something. It may be a case that a person has information that they do not know is important. 

2) Report any tips.  

The FBI is still taking tips. No tip is too small. If you think you know something, say something especially if you lived in the area at the time of his disappearance.  

3) Support the work of organizations that help find missing people.  

There are many great organizations that help advance the missing of finding missing children.  Find the one that best supports your viewpoint and support them anyway you can.  

Together, we can help bring Welsey and others like him home.  

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