Recently Missing: Jennifer Caridad 

“‘Where is my daughter?’ asked her father, Enrique Caridad.” 

Four months ago, Jennifer Caridad, 24, left her family home in Sunnyside to pick up her boyfriend, Aurelio Escobar. According to a friend, they had been arguing that day.  She left around 5p.m. and told her younger brother that she would return later that day. She never returned. 

Jennifer had been dating Escobar for eight months and by many accounts was consumed by the relationship. Caridad worked at Inspire Development Center, a child care center. Her brother described her as talkative and fun. 

Her family was not so impressed with Escobar, who was unemployed and moved in with Jennifer and her family over the summer. Though Jennifer never talked about problems in their relationship, friend and family heard them arguing frequently.  

The next day August 9th, police responded to reports of a shooting and robbery near Berglund Lake in Yakima. Allegedly, Escobar shot a rival gang member and then stole his car.  When police came to investigate, they found Caridad’s car, seemingly abandoned.  When the police examined the car, they found possible blood stains in the back seat. When they went closer to the lake, on the 10th , they found rags with what appeared to be blood stains and cleaning products. On the 11th, police found a tarp with blood stains, clothing that was described as what Jennifer was wearing when she left, her shoes, and a purse. 

During this time, Escobar, who was on the run, was going on a crime spree. Finally, he shot an officer, and was arrested. Escobar has been charged with first-degree assault and first-degree robbery, but there are no charges in connection to Jennifer’s disappearance.  

‘”Please help me find my daughter. I implore. It means everything,’ Vargas said. ‘Justice for my daughter. She’s not an object you can forget about.’” 

Jennifer weighs around 120lbs and is 5 feet 4 inches.  

The Sunnyside Police Department is asking anyone with information call (509) 836-6200. 

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