Lina Sadar Khil

While others were wrapping presents in anticipation of smiling children on Christmas morning, another family was facing a much different reality: praying for their 3 year old daughter’s safe return. Soon a small crowd, joined them at their apartments, all of their thoughts, on the same thing, let Lina return home safely.  

Monday had been like any other day. Lina went out to play at the playground near her apartment complex which sits on the 9400 block of Fredericksburg in San Antonio. While initial reports, said that her mother stepped away between 4 and 5 pm, and upon returning, she discovered Lina missing, Riaz Sardar Khil, her father told an interpreter that his wife, who is currently pregnant, was watching his daughter between 5 and 6 pm, when the three year old walked over to a nearby path and disappeared.  

Lina’s mother first thought that she went back into the apartment and went to check with her. She then thought that her daughter may have left with another family. However, neither idea led to finding her daughter. The family now thinks that she was abducted.  

“’We searched every single apartment unit in that complex. There are just under 300 units. We not only searched them once, we searched them multiple times,’ San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said. ‘We talked to specific individuals in there multiple times.’” 

The family settled in San Antonio in 2019 after fleeing Afghanistan. 

Speaking through a translator, the family told KENS5 that the family has been questioned by authorities on Tuesday for hours. Additionally, they believed the FBI and police were coming by later today for more questioning.  

Through it all, her family remains hopeful. 

“’I’m hopeful that my daughter will be back,’ he told the San Antonio Express-News.” 

“’I know there is a good person among us whose prayer will be heard by God, and that will be the cause for the safe return of my daughter.’” 

Lina is white, around 4 feet tall. She weighs 55lbs. She has straight shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.  She was last seen wearing a black jacket, red dress and black shoes.  

If you have any information, please call SAPD Missing Person’s Unit at 210-207-7660. 

The Islamic Center of San Antonio is offering a $100,000 reward. Crime Stoppers of San Antonio offered $50,000, bringing the total to $150,000 for any information that results in the arrest or indictment of a suspect.

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