Recently missing: Zaraz Walker

Some stories don’t have a lot of information. Sometimes they don’t need it.

Monday morning the Bloomington, Illinois police sent out a plea for the public to be aware of a missing 7 month old. Zaraz Walker has been missing from 5-7 days.

Zaraz was reported missing on Sunday. Police has not yet released who reported her missing nor have they answered questions about why she wasn’t reported missing earlier or where her parents are.

Police have also not ruled out innocuous causes to her disappearance, like someone having her in their care and being unaware of who to reach out to, however; they have not ruled out more concerning possibilities either.

They just want people to be aware.

As WGLT reported, “Maybe you were at a gas station a couple days ago and you saw a 7-month-old juvenile baby or infant and thought something was off. Give us a call. We’re just really looking for any tips,” said [Police spokesperson John] Fermon, adding police also are asking other agencies if someone has found an unidentified child.

Zaraz has black hair and brown eyes. If you have seen her, please call Bloomington Sgt. Detective Jared Bierbaum at (309) 434-2807.

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